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题目:Should the Uiversity Campus Be Open to tourism?

正文:Nowadays, many famous university campuses have become one of the populartourist attraction. It has been shown on TV and on the radio that every yearthousands and thousands of middle school students visit Tsing Hua Universityand Peking University and other famous universities in China.In the place faraway from the capital city,the local students also visit the universities famousin their own province.so far as the present situation is concerned, is it agood or bad thing to open the university campus for tourists? Different peoplehave different opinions. On one hand,some people argued that it is a good thingfor the students to visit the famous university campus in that it can enablethe middle students to get more information about the university and they canhave enough time and opportuinty to prepare themselves with the chance to getinto the university. On the other hand,some people hold a negative view aboutthis phenomenon. In their opinion,the public tourism will have negative effecton the universities because it will not only do harm to the environment butalso to the intellectual atmosphere.
In my opinion, the tourism to the universities is not a good thing. The campusis mainly a place for study . With the increasing tourism on the campus,it willruin the spiritual atmosphere in this learing field.